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  • J&J Allegedly Knew Asbestos Was in Baby Powder -- Will There Be a Recall? December 18, 2018
    Johnson & Johnson is facing hundreds of lawsuits filed by over 10,000 plaintiffs alleging the company's baby powder contained dangerous levels of asbestos in the talc used to create it. After losing several high-profile, high-damages jury verdicts (and having another overturned on appeal) a bombshell Reuters report shows J&J knew......
    Christopher Coble, Esq.
  • Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Sixth Grade Bully December 18, 2018
    In a tragic case of middle school bullying, a seventh grade boy was intimidated and assaulted by a larger sixth grade boy off the grounds of their school, Sleepy Hill Middle School, in Lakeland, Florida. To make matters worse, the sixth grade boy continued to stalk and bully the......
    Lisa M. Schaffer, Esq.